Free Ebook: The Benefits of Manufacturing in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico

Information about wages in Mexico, infrastructure and existing industry

Benefits of Manufacturing in Saltillo Mexico

Today, many companies are thinking about expanding into Mexico to tap into the advantages that exist
there. From low-cost highly skilled labor to an ideal location near high-demand markets and a modern business climate, companies have much to gain from investing in Mexico.

While the appeal of manufacturing in Mexico is very clear, determining the right location to set-up in can be challenging.

This Ebook was developed to help companies understand the advantages of setting up in Salitllo, Coahuila, Mexico. Located in the Northeast of Mexico, the city offers manufacturers a stunning and beneficial geography, business-friendly infrastructure, a fruitful economy and a strong network of manufacturers already operating in the area.

In this Ebook we will cover:

  • Geography
  • Demographics
  • Quality of Life
  • Infrastructure
  • Economy
  • Wages
  • Education
  • Existing Industry in the area

                    and More…

Download this eBook to find out why so many companies have decided to manufacture in Saltillo!